Moon & Star Tic Tac Toe
Take this homemade Tic-Tac-Toe set with you wherever you go, or even pull it out at home to play against your family members. --WHAT YOU'LL NEED-- Plastic cutting board Ruler Clear nail polish Fabric marker Canvas bag Toothpick Cardstock Cutting blade Sculpey clay --STEP 1-- Insert cardstock into your bag so that the paint does not bleed through when you draw lines. --STEP 2-- Use your ruler and fabric paint marker to mark four lines (like a hashtag) --STEP 3-- Set aside your bag and start to work on your clay. Begin by cutting it into six even squares. --STEP 4-- For the crescent moon, roll the square between your hands and then on the plastic cutting board until it is a long thin shape. Bend the ends to make a crescent shape. --STEP 5-- For the stars, flatten the square with your hand. Then use the toothpick to mark five V shapes around the edges of your shape. --STEP 6-- Read the manufactures instructions on how long you need to cook your clay in the oven. --STEP 7-- After your clay is cooled, add a coat of clear nail polish to give it a shine. --STEP 8-- Wait a few minutes and play a game, or put everything in your bag for the go! --------- Image credit:
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