Kidzapp Ramadan Bookmarks
Make your own patterned bookmarks with tassels! Click DOWNLOAD PRINTABLE to save the template. --WHAT YOU'LL NEED-- Pair of scissors Colouring pencils (or colour markers) Yarn / ribbon --STEP 1-- Print, cut out and colour in the bookmarks --STEP 2-- Wrap some yarn around a couple of your fingers and snip one end of the bundle. --STEP 3-- Slip a piece of yarn through the folded end and then tie it off the top (this will be used as a hanger for the bookmark). Then wrap a piece of yarn around the top to make a head and double knot it. --STEP 4-- If you want, you can trim the bottom of the tassel for a more finished look --STEP 5-- Slip the tassel through the bookmark hole and loop the tassel through to secure it
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