Ramadan Good Deeds Tree
Print and cut out your very own Good Deeds Tree to encourage kindness and reflection throughout the holy month of Ramadan. Click DOWNLOAD PRINTABLE to save the template. --WHAT YOU'LL NEED-- Pair of scissors Cardboard (or thick construction paper) Glue stick --STEP 1-- Print out the 4 sheets. Then take each of the tree trunk sheets and paste them onto cardboard (we used the sides of an empty cereal box). --STEP 2-- Cut out the tree trunks and along the white dotted lines, and slot the trunks together through the centre. The tree should be able to stand on its own. --STEP 3-- Cut out the coloured leaves, then write a good deed behind each of them. We have included a sheet of suggestions for good deeds. You can copy them over to the coloured leaves, or if you prefer, you can cut out the suggestions and paste them onto the back of the coloured leaves. --STEP 4-- Throughout the month of Ramadan, stick a leaf onto the tree every time your child performs one of the good deeds. The goal is to end up with a fully bloomed tree.
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