Frozen Lego Fun
Due to the current restrictions, some venues may still be closed. Kindly call before heading out to avoid disappointment. - - - - - In Frozen Lego your little one won't be playing with Elsa but instead with colourful ice cubes of LEGO blocks! This is a great sensory activity, perfect for a hot summer day. --WHAT YOU'LL NEED-- LEGO or DUPLO Ice cube tray Water Turkey Baster Syringe Eye Dropper Toy cups, pots, spoons, bowls etc. Warm water 41 Qt, Clear Sensory Bin (Large) --STEP 1-- Choose an array of colourful Lego or Duplo Blocks and place them in an ice cube tray. I filled the ice trays with water and placed them in the freezer overnight. --STEP 2-- Once the water has frozen I placed the frozen ice cubes into a bowl and placed it in a sensory bin. --STEP 3-- Choose a few play kitchen supplies like pots and pans and cups. I also added spoons and slotted spoons, as well as some fine motor tools like eye droppers, a turkey baster, syringe. Finally, give your kid a jar of warm water to melt the frozen Lego! ------- Image/activity credit:
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