101 Good Charades Ideas for Kids to Act Out
Sometimes it's the simplest things that give the greatest fun and giggle. Here are 101 ideas for your kids to act out. --ANIMALS-- Chicken Horse Dog Snake Rabbit Cat Elephant Bird Cow Pig Turtle Frog Kangaroo Monkey T-Rex --OBJECTS-- Blanket Bread Stairs Tablet Shoes Grass Ice Cream Cone Fire Truck Chair Laptop Pillow Airplane Guitar Drums Hula Hoop --ACTIONS-- Swimming Singing Brushing Your Teeth Jumping Rope Bouncing a Ball Getting Dressed Blowing a Kiss Reading a Book Writing Playing Baseball Playing Basketball Washing Your Hair Making Your Bed Washing the Dishes Watering the Flowers Fishing --PLACES-- School Home McDonald’s Amusement Park Park Arcade Zoo Mall --MOVIES & CHARACTERS-- Harry Potter Frozen Cars Shrek Batman Finding Nemo Cookie Monster Dora the Explorer Mickey Mouse Hello Kitty The Lion King The Cat in the Hat A Zombie Pinocchio --PEOPLE-- Mom Dad Teacher Pirate Witch Grandma Grandpa Chef Doctor Soldier --EMOTIONS-- Surprised Happy Sad Angry Scared Bored Embarrassed --TOYS & GAMES-- Video Game System Board Game Swings Sliding Board Baby Doll Trucks and Cars Minecraft Sonic Mario Skateboard Legos --CARTOON & TV CHARACTERS-- Sponge Bob Square Pants Paw Patrol Angry Birds Peppa Pig ---------- Activity and image by:
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