Emirates Park Zoo
Make sure to call to confirm capacity. - - - - - Housing hippos, flamingos, reptiles, and over 1,400 wild animals and pets, this Zoo and resort is a perfect way to spend the day as a family. Get up close and personal with the animals and discover all the different species. ***Some venues have limited capacity, age restrictions or temporarily unavailable activities – call ahead to check for availability to avoid disappointment*** You and your littles can even join the feeding of various animals including giraffes, elephants, goats, monkeys and hippos. Give your kids an unforgettable zoo experience by checking out the exciting animal shows and presentations, including a Sea Lion presentation, Elephant Encounter, and Tropical Birds Show. Your kids will enjoy the sea lions' tricks of diving, climbing, and dancing, and will get a better understanding of the ecology of sea, the roles humans play in conserving sea lions and learn about their methods of adaptation. You can also opt for the exciting elephant feeding session and an educational program about the largest land mammal in the world. As a third option, your family can also enjoy a fun-filled presentation of the lovely tropical birds featuring blue, golden macaws, parrots, and rose-breasted cockatoos. What's more, you will also get a chance to learn about the types of birds and see them do amusing tricks. --Sea Lion Showcase-- 10:45 | 16:00 | 18:16 | 22:00 Venue: Park Theater Price: AED 30 --Elephant Experience-- 09:30 | 11:30 | 15:00 | 17:30 | 19:00 Venue: Wildlife Park Price: AED 30 --Tropical Birds Show-- 10:00 | 16:45 Venue: Park Theater Price: AED 20
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