DIY 3D Stars
Decorate your home with endless stars using simple materials you have at home. Have your little ones insert the stars together to make 3D shapes, and decide where to place them around your house. --WHAT YOU'LL NEED-- Cutting mat Cutter Scissors Pen or pencil Straight edge Card stock Star pattern (or draw your own) --STEP 1-- Cut out star shapes with scissors on thick card stock paper (use a star template if you prefer). --STEP 2-- Use your straight-edge and a cutter to cut out the star shapes. Adults will need to do this step. --STEP 3-- You will now need to find the center-point of your star shapes. To do this, line your ruler up with the point of one corner and then angle it straight down to the nearest v shape. Mark the center-point with a pencil. --STEP 4-- Take your straight-edge and cutter and cut a line starting from the center-point of one of your stars and ending at the tip of the star. Do the same on the 2nd star, but this time cut a line from the center-point to the bottom v shape. --STEP 5-- Slide your star shapes together to create a 3D star form. ------- Image/activity credit:
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