Eid Pop Up Card
Create a simple pop-up card for Eid that you can give to your friends and family. --WHAT YOU'LL NEED-- Two cards (made of card stock) Yellow card stock Pencil Double-sided tape Glue stick Scissors --PAPER TERMS-- When a fold is made and creates a space upward, it’s called a mountain. When it creates a space inwards, it is called a valley. --STEP 1-- Start by cutting two lines in one of your cards that are about an inch deep and equal distance apart on the folded part of the card. --STEP 2-- Next, fold down the sides you've just made, making sure to create nice creases. Then open up your card and turn your valleys to mountains. --STEP 3-- Keeping the card that way, close it up and create two more cuts, again equal distance apart on the folded part of the card. Then fold down those sides, making sure to create nice creases. --STEP 4-- Make sure to flip the card over and fold over the other sides as well. Once everything is nicely creased, open the card and turn the little valleys into mountains. Once you are done, your card should look like image 5 on the left. --STEP 5-- On your second card, add double-sided tape to the edges, then place the cut-out card on top of it, making sure edges are aligned. --STEP 6-- Draw a small crescent moon, stars and simple mosque designs on yellow-coloured card stock. Cut out the shapes and use double-sided tape or glue to stick everything to the sky. --STEP 7-- Write your message on the lower part of the card and voila! --------- Image and craft:
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