Laundry Fun
Due to the current restrictions, some venues may still be closed. Kindly call before heading out to avoid disappointment. - - - - - Fine motor development and water play come together in this fun clothesline activity for toddlers and preschoolers. --WHAT YOU'LL NEED-- Rope (cotton rope, thick yarn) Clothespins Bucket or bowl of water Doll clothes, face cloths, clean baby socks Small amount of soap --STEP 1-- String your rope up between two posts or deck rails (if outdoors), or two chairs (if indoors). --STEP 2-- Fill a large bowl or bucket with water, and add a few drops of mild dish soap or a bit of mild laundry detergent. Place the bowl or bucket on the floor covered with a towel. --STEP 3-- Hand your kids some doll clothes, colourful face cloths or even some of their own socks and watch them wash, squeeze out water and hang the items up to dry. --------- Image:
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